Revolutionary TomoTherapy HD
Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for the 21st Century


TomoTherapy HD Revolutionary Features include-
- True CT Image Guidance
- Helically delivered IGRT or Image Guided Radio Therapy
- Ensures Accuate Target Localization and Patient Positioning Each Day
- Designed Inherently for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) 
- Helically (360 Degree) Delivers Highly Conformal Dose Distribution
- True Arc Therapy platform antiquates fixed chasis linear accelerators
- Limitations of fixed gantry-based external radiation platforms eliminated
- Innovative Multi-Leaf Collimator (MLC) Dynamically Shapes Dose
- Thousands of Beamlets Precisely Paint Dose Methodically Slice by Slice
- Highly Precise Dose Conformality Delivered to the Target Volume
- Shapes and Sculpts Dose to the Geometry of the Target Volume
- Steep Dose Gradient -- Dose Quickly Drops Off Where Not Intended
- Sparing of Surrounding Critical Structures and Healthy Tissue
- Dose Accurately Delivered to Intended Volume


Patient Benfits:
Precise Treatment Delivery paints Dose where Clinically Prescribed
Traditional Side Effects of Conventional External Beam Radiation-
Significantly Reduced and Mitigated
21st Century technology to ensure radiation delivered where intended &
avoidance of surrounding critical strucutures realized & preservation
of healthy tissue maximized through steep dose gradient or drop off
TomoTherapy HD (Helical & Direct)
Excels at Treatment Delivery for:
- Breast Cancer
- Head & Neck Cancers
- Whole Brain Cancers
(wide spread primary & metastatic intrancanial tumors)
- Thoracic Cancers
- Spinal Lesions
- Prostate Cancers
- Bone Lesions
- Bone Marrow indications (Total Marrow Irradiation)
- Many Additional Indications & Diagnoses
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